In 23 BBY the Trade Federation and their partnered organization the Hutt-Controlled Mining Guild of Ryloth were forced out of the High Orbil Mining System, an orbiting space station, which orbited the skies over the planet Kayt.

In 22 BBY the indipendant Neonis Gas Miners on the H.O.M.S. struck an indipendnt agreement with the Rebublic stating two conditions; The Republic would station Clone Troopers to guard against the CIS returning and taking over the H.O.M.S. by force, and second that the H.O.M.S. would only sell their gas to validated Republic sources. After the Battle of Geonosis, H.O.M.S. began to only trade Neonis with the Republic outpost there.

Two Republic representatives were sent to H.O.M.S., as well as a contingent of Clone Troopers, in order to help the newly appointed laison to the Republic and the Miners on H.O.M.S., Kali-Kar.

When Adashi Sincala, a Jedi Padawan, her clone companion CC-331, the Senatorial Representative Kable, and the rodian Sheriff of H.O.M.S. Waldo discovered an enclave of Force-Worshipping Darksiders things began to get complicated. Adashi’s master, Karial, told her to cease her investigations and await his intervention, but he was unable to arrive at the H.O.M.S. because of the CIS setting up a blockade on the Correlian run, resulting in the battle of Kalarba.

When Adashi, CC-331, Kable and Waldo were forced to show their hand, they uncovered and destroyed the Dark-Force-Worshipper’s enclave, killing three darksiders, and capturing one alive; a Sullustan named Mnubb Drk. They also discovered a man frozen in a large peice of the solid form of Neonis. This man the party quickly discovered was the long-lost hero of H.O.M.S., Lucious, and the father of Sendodge, the dark-jedi leader of the Enclave.

Mnubb Drk told the heroes that their master was a fallen-jedi by the name of Mathias Sendodge. He also told them a fifth apprentice could be found at the bar called “Goodthinkers.”

When Kali-Kar left for Geonosis with most of CC-331’s Clone Troopers he left his wife, Hokala Pa-Kar behind as the unnofficial leader of the H.O.M.S. station.

When Waldo calously opened fire on the bar in Goodthinkers it led to the arrest of an innocent man named Ralph Pangal, one of 5 of the most beloved miners on H.O.M.S.; the “Goodthinking 5.”

When the miners of H.O.M.S. rose up against the Republic in response to their arrest of Ralph Pangal and Rikoo Tannis, a quiet truce was agreed on by Hokala Pa-kar and Adashi Sincala before either side could cause irrepairable damage to the other. As Hokala secured the safe exile of CC-331, Adashi, Kable and Waldo the group tactfully discovered that Sendodge and his Father were both killed abourd H.O.M.S. and that Sendodge somehow returned from the dead. More surprising is that Sendodge’s father was murdered by Hokala Pa-Kar, who admitted after careful interogation to be a Jedi herself, who faked her death in order to leave the Jedi Temple and live on H.O.M.S.. Hokala proclaimed that Lucius had become evil, and though it pained her to kill him, she did it for the betterment of the living will of the Force.

At the Conclusion of the last game CC-331, Waldo, and Kable attacked her in order to bring her to justice for the murder of Lucius.

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