High Orbil Mining System

A gas mining space-station orbiting around the planet Kayt collecting the planet’s caustic atmospheric gas called Neonis. Consructed in 34 BBY by the Mining Guild of Ryloth the station sold Neonis to various organizations, including the shipyards on Corelia and the Mon Calamarian shipyards, who both used it to make internal machinery for starships.

In 22 BBY, at the onset of the Clone War, the CIS began demanding exclusive and immediate trade with H.O.M.S., which resulted in a trade-dispute, and almost immediately the H.O.M.S., with the aid of the Jedi Knigh, Sendodge brought about a coup known as the Three Day War. The Trade Federation lost control of the H.O.M.S., and the newly annexed space-station began indipendant operation.

H.O.M.S. is capable of indefinitely sustaining itself and a residency of 6,000. H.O.M.S. City, as it is commonly known, is home to farmers who use artificial light to grow produce, bantha raisers who sell meat and milk, weapon dealers, smugglers, a ship-repair yard, and the most famous establishment a bar known as “Goodthinkers,” which is run by Ralph Pangal. Only a third of the residents of H.O.M.S. are miners, most residents are support-crew who’re there to make a living just like anyone else.

In 22 BBY, just after the arrival of Jedi and Republic representatives, a coup took place in which the miners of H.O.M.S. rejected the republic presence. Unfortunetely, this took place while the actual leadership of H.O.M.S. was engaged in a republic conflict on Geonosis.

High Orbil Mining System

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