Filial Ties

Session 3

Mnub Drk, the sulustan Dark Jedi, told the group that they were the apprentices of the dark-jedi named Mathias Sendodge, and that they worshipped the man in the ice-coffin. He also told them that the fifth and last apprentice of Sendodge was somewhere on H.O.M.S. and that the only way to find Sendodge was to find a man named Dagoo Hes.

Waldo discovered that Dagoo Hes was a technician who worked for the CIS before the Miners of H.O.M.S. kicked the Trade Federation out. They also discovered that Dagoo Hes worked for the Hutt named Batto Kent.

CC-331 infiltrated the Hutt’s organization, only to learn that Dagoo Hes and Sendodge left for Nar Shadaa very recently. The Hutt sold them Sendodge’s old ship.

Due to a misunderstanding, the bartender of the local bar and a well-respected droid maker, Ralph Pangal and Rikoo Tannis were arrasted, tortured, and segregated by the clone CC-331 and the Shariff Waldo.

Hokala Pa-kar, who was in charge of H.O.M.S. after her husband left to help defend Geonosis for the republic, allowed an insurection to take place and broke trade agreements with the now unwelcome Republic.

Hokala, unwilling to allow things to devolve into violence, welcomed diplomacy with the Jedi Padawan Adashi Sincala, but when during the talks it was revealed that it was her who orchestrated the death of the man in the ice coffin things turned violent.



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