Filial Ties

Session 2

The group finds on Drakhur’s body a key-card which leads to a private room she’d been squating in while not guarding the A.I. and Droid brain. There, in her room, they found co-ordinates to an unknown location on the planet below.

The group also found evidence that she was planning on meeting another Dark-Force user, a man named Nekon, on H.O.M.S.. The group set a trap for Nekon before he learned of Drakhur’s death, and took him by surprise. Nekon was meeting a large group of miners who showed force-potential and were being considered to be trained by their master, the Fallen Jedi Knight, Mathias Sendodge.

Yet more evidence from Nekon’s dead body poited toward the co-ordinates of a location on the planet below. The group took a ship and checked out the location, where they were attacked by two more Force Users who were using a bizare form of lightsaber which had many of the same qualities of the Neonis gas. The party accidently killed on of the dark-jedi, but another, a sulluston named Mnub Drk survived. They also found a man encased in solid frozen Neonis, a substance too cold to touch, which the dark-jedi seemed to be worshipping.



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