Filial Ties

Session 1

Adashi, CC-331, and Kable arrive at HOMS, where they meet the violent politician and out-of-shape soldier named Kali-Kar, who leaves a bad taste in the party’s mouth, and the Rodian Sheriff of HOMS named Waldo. Waldo and Kali-Kar request the group’s request in isolating and removing a rogue A.I. running amock in the station’s mainframe.

Adashi makes contact with the Republic to review her standing orders while Kable checks out the station’s computer network. CC-331 and Waldo go to the miner’s dock to get a sample of the gas called Neonis.

When the A.I. shuts off the elevator CC-331 and Waldo were riding in, and begins firing at them with the elevator’s defense system, it is Kable who over-rides and isolates the A.I. long enough to trace it back to an abandonded security station on H.O.M.S..

Adashi, Waldo, Kable, and CC-331 locate the A.I., who’s physical computer body is being housed in a damaged but operational Droid Brain being guarded by a dark-side Force Adept. They group captures the Droid Brain and the rogue A.I., but they accidently kill the Force-Adept Drakhur as she attempts to escape.



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